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    Wednesday, July 20, 2005
    Harry Potter VI: Revenge of the Sith

    Oh, wait, wrong series...

    Read it in one sitting last night. The book opens in the Prime Minister's office and pulls you right straight into the action from there - a nice change from the other books. You don't see Harry for the first couple of chapters.

    No spoilers here, just some general comments. I was impressed by the way Rowling handled the sixth book, in the sense that she completed a few plot developments I thought she might have left till the seventh; for instance, the way the characters pair off romantically. This tells me that she has cleared the decks for the seventh book. I expect it to be nonstop action, and I expect that it won't hold to the traditional form we've come to expect in the other books (i.e., summer at the Dursleys followed by the Hogwarts Express trip, etc.). She basically keeps Voldemort offstage in this one, building the menace by allowing us to see the damage his minions do.

    Rowling's command of the details of the Wizarding world and her gift for character development continues to impress. She allows Dumbledore to get annoyed with Harry a couple of times - really annoyed. We've never seen that before. There are new developments in the Weasley family, too, that give us further insight into its members. Rowling continues to build on her allegory of WW II Britain to great effect.

    That's it, really - except, READ IT. It was worth the wait.