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    Wednesday, April 07, 2010
    Can't Win for Losing

    For the past few months The Firm has been preparing us to switch to a new EMR system. This thing is complex and all of us are dreading it. The Big Switchover is scheduled to happen this weekend, and our current system will be offline as of Friday as we prepare to upload to the new system.

    Did I mention I was scheduled to be on call this weekend?

    So I was delighted when I got an email from one of my partners asking to switch call weekends with me, as he wanted to go out of town to a conference the following weekend. I did warn him in my answering email ("Caveat Emptor!" I replied), but he accepted anyway.

    So you can imagine my reaction to the following voicemail I received last evening:

    "Hello everyone. After a lot of thought we've decided to put off our switchover for one week. We will be taking the system offline on April 16th, not the 9th..."


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