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    Monday, January 04, 2010
    New Year, New Fridge

    My old refrigerator came with the house when I bought it, which was 15 years ago. It was noisy and didn't have a lot of room and the door didn't seal very well, but I hung on to it longer than I should have - inertia, I guess. Even when I redid the kitchen (ten years ago? well, close, anyway) it was the only appliance I didn't replace, though I probably should have. I did a little browsing in the Sears appliance department about six months ago, decided I'd like a freezer-on-the-bottom model instead of a side-by-side freezer/fridge but took no further action.

    A month ago my fridge rattled noisily through an entire weekend, then suddenly got quiet. Too quiet. The freezer side was still working but the refrigerator side wasn't. Then, ten days ago, I realized that food was thawing in the freezer.

    I hit the Internet running and picked out my new fridge/freezer in less than fifteen minutes. It was delivered yesterday and I am oh, so happy. My new fridge is nearly silent, larger than my old one and will use much less electricity.

    Today I went shopping and filled it with healthy things. The arrival of my new appliance coincides with my determination to eat healthy - oh, let's face it. Lose weight. Yes, I need to lose weight and quite a bit of it. I've joined Weight Watchers online and everything. Luckily I have three friends who also use the WW online program and I have been hitting them up for advice. I'm not going to let the topic of weight loss take over the blog, as I know there is nothing more boring than reading about someone else's diet, but I do plan to put down thoughts and ideas as they occur to me. If nothing else it may keep me on the plan.

    In other news, not much. I hope your holidays were good. Mine were very quiet. I spent Christmas and New Year's with my parents and my aunt. A big family Christmas was out of the question, as my aunt still cannot be around young children (due to their high rate of getting sick). However, she has been out of the hospital for six weeks and has regained about five pounds. Her energy level is much better and her optimism is back. That's the most important thing of all.

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