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    Monday, August 18, 2008
    Checking In

    Vacation has been great fun, considering I was stupid enough to check my work email a few days ago only to be greeted by the news that one of my partners is quitting. Which means the fall will be a slow ongoing disaster. Never mind.

    Brighton, where I am staying, is a beach town and very fun: Lots of pubs, lots of shops, the Prince Regent's summer palace to tour and so forth. The palace was built in the late eighteenth century, is known as the Pavilion and is right in the middle of town. It's a pile of Indian-styled domes and peaks and looks as if an architect had designed it while under the influence of a dysenteric fever dream. Today I walked down to the beach with Jess and watched the waves crashing - the surf is very high for August, so she tells me - and we wound up having a full English breakfast for lunch. So I guess it was brunch.

    The classic full English breakfast is a cardiologist's nightmare: bacon, sausage, toast, two fried eggs, baked beans and a grilled tomato (to balance all the meat). But it's very delicious. I requested my eggs scrambled but apparently this is unheard of: they arrived sunny side up with scary quivery yolks. Solved that dilemma by just eating the crispy whites.

    I'm off to Paris in a day or so and hope to post more then.

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