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“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” - Sir William Osler

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    Thursday, December 27, 2007
    This Snow Thing.

    It's overrated.

    We woke to snow here in Denver Christmas morning and it didn't stop all day. The next day's paper informed us that it was the snowiest Christmas Day in Denver in more than a hundred years. Today more snow was predicted and we got more than was expected. I have not seen snow like this in years, since I lived in Philadelphia back when I was in medical school.

    The kids love it, of course. My niece and nephews got sleds - snowboards? - these sort of foam things that look like boogie boards, anyway, and immediately clamored to go sledding. They've done that a couple of times this week and greatly enjoyed it. Me, I volunteered to shovel the driveway with the boys this afternoon and found out what a chore it is with several inches of snow on the driveway. As we worked the mail truck came by and the nice woman delivering the mail greeted us. Frankly, I can't believe she made it out in this weather.

    "So how's your afternoon going?" I asked.

    "Whoops! Great!" she laughed, nearly losing her balance on the slick surface as she opened a mailbox.




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