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    Thursday, December 06, 2007
    So, So Tired

    I have been cleaning. And cooking. And dusting. I volunteered to have the office holiday party at my house this year, and it's tomorrow night (my main rationale for throwing parties is, it forces me to clean the house).

    I'll spare you a complete recitation of what I am serving, if only because I am too beat to type much... but one thing I am serving is Taco Soup. This is another recipe I got from my good friend LA and her family on my recent vacation - I came back with so many recipes! One million, actually (she generously gave me a CD compendium of recipes titled "One Million of the World's Best Recipes").

    Taco Soup is easy and good, better than it sounds (if you dislike the idea of canned vegetables) and it makes a ton. Here is the recipe.
    • 1 1/2 to 2 lb. hamburger
    • One chopped onion
    • Two cans chopped tomatoes (large - bigger than the 15 oz. size, I think it's 26 oz. or something)
    • 1 pkg taco seasoning mix
    • 1 pkg Hidden Valley Buttermilk dressing mix (dry, do not reconstitute)
    • 1 can pinto beans
    • 1 can pinto beans with jalapenos
    • 1 can of Ro-Tel tomatoes and chilies
    • 1 can shoepeg corn (this is not regular canned corn, you may have to hunt for it)

    Brown the hamburger and onion - drain well. Mix the meat and onions in large pan with all other ingredients (you don't have to drain the cans of the juice; just open them all and dump them in). Simmer 30 minutes. It's better the next day, I am told. We'll see for certain tomorrow night.




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