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    Saturday, December 08, 2007
    The Day After.

    The party was a success, I am happy to say, including the Taco Soup. I stayed up late cleaning up and this morning had to pop out of bed early to take my (twelve-year-old) car down for a check; it has been somewhat slow to start for over a week. Several months ago my car guy had warned me that the starter was beginning to wear out, though it didn't at that time need to be replaced. After various other bad experiences with said car in the past, I decided to take it in before it failed to start entirely.

    Well, my suspicions were correct and the starter did need replacement: The car was in the shop for about six hours today. The catch was that I was on call for hospital admissions, so I sent a panic call out to my parents who kindly responded by coming in to town for a visit - they also returned my vacuum cleaner, which had suffered a broken belt, and picked up a jacket my father left behind at my house two weeks ago.

    My father is suffering from a nasty cold, so we parked him in front of the television to watch sports and my mother and I went around the house hanging pictures before settling down to the crossword and Christmas catalogs. (I should explain that I have a bad habit of buying pictures and then failing to hang them. Some of the pics had at one time been up on the wall before my taking them down during the kitchen renovation - which would be six or seven years ago!)

    All in all, it was a nice quiet day, just what I needed after getting ready for that party. I was lucky that I got no admissions today. I gave my parents leftover Taco Soup for lunch, which they liked so much that I sent them home with extra for dinner. Now it's freezing and the word on the weather radio is that Southern California is destined for another storm tonight, which may result in 'thundersnow' in the mountain areas. Seriously, when did thundersnow become a word? I swear I'd never heard it until a few months ago.

    At any rate, I am happily tired, but the party is over and I have a working car and the house is clean. I am blogging and eating leftover M&M's (I bought them for dessert for last night). Generally speaking, life is good. And I just realized it's starting to rain. I am not leaving the house tonight.




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