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    Wednesday, October 03, 2007
    Death Comes Like a... Mime?

    Okay, this is sweet. After giving interview after interview in which he spilled the beans that his character Lisa is going to die of breast cancer, and even leaking the day on which that's going to happen, today Tom Batuik opens the paper and finds... this.

    Oh, and by the way, Lisa is kicking the bucket too. And the noise you hear coming from the Curmudgeon site is mostly cheers, whistling and applause. For Lynn Johnston. IMHO, she had to have done this deliberately, and I love the idea of her killing off Grandpa Jim to pull the rug out from under Batuik. One of the best comments:
    Here’s a morbid idea: On Lynne’s Foob site, you can order a print of today’s strip. Why not have it framed and give it to an elderly loved one? Make ‘em think twice before complaining about stupid crap. Make ‘em treasure the days they have left!

    But read them all. They're so good it's worth the time. (Warning: the commments thread is up past 269, so it may take you awhile. Start at about 179 on this thread.)

    UPDATE: Josh now has addressed the dueling strips in a post.




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