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    Wednesday, June 29, 2005

    My last school board meeting ever ever was last night. I'm done. Thank you, Lord...

    I've been on the board of my parish school for the last five years. It has been a really good experience in a lot of ways, and I was lucky in that we had good, non-psycho members (I do not exaggerate; I have heard disaster stories about other boards that would curl your hair) but enough is enough.

    The last two years have been especially difficult. The previous head, a wonderful woman who had been there seven years, left and we hired a nice, well-meaning woman who just didn't work out. She got along well with the kids but her leadership skills were zero. Now she has left and we have an interim head who looks like he's going to do an excellent job.

    At the end of last year, my three-year term was up. I wanted to leave then but was talked into staying on by some of the other members. Halfway through this year, I realized the only way I would survive with my sanity was by promising myself to quit at the end of this year. I have done so, and I feel no guilt. Lesson learned: don't be afraid to say "NO!"



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