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    Saturday, February 19, 2005
    More Rain?

    My phone rang at 3:00 this morning. My neighbor Debbie was on the other end.

    "I'm assuming you're awake," she said.

    "Actually, no, I wasn't," I mumbled.

    "You're kidding! How can you sleep through this?"

    Suddenly, I realized that I was hearing pounding rain and sharp tapping on the window, even as Debbie said, "It's hailing! The pounding on my skylight woke me up!" At the same time lightning flashes were strobing through the bedroom. (I have a hearing problem in one ear and was sleeping on my 'good ear', which is why I hadn't wakened earlier.) I peeked out the window and, sure enough, there was hail on the lawn. I've never seen that before.

    This is the wildest winter storm season I can remember, and I've spent most of my life in Southern California. We've gotten three times our normal quota of rainfall already, and February isn't over yet. The rain cut out for several hours this afternoon, but it's back again now and will probably continue for another couple of days. Meantime, we're coping with flooded freeways and mudslides.

    Bring on summer, I've had enough. I'm just hoping that the weather will discourage visits to the ER and minimize my call trauma tonight.



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