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    Tuesday, August 31, 2004
    Botox: Owie!

    Interesting report on a lawsuit over Botox here:

    Jury selection began Tuesday in the case of a former Tri-Star Pictures executive and his wife who sued a doctor and the maker of Botox, alleging she suffered numerous ailments after being treated with the wrinkle-reducing agent.

    Mike Medavoy, a former chairman of Tri-Star, and his wife Irena, claim Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein gave her three injections of Botox, manufactured by Allergan Inc., in March 2002 to treat migraines.

    The couple alleges the headaches continued as Irena Medavoy developed upper respiratory problems, fever, fatigue and severe muscle pain as a result of the treatments.

    One of the docs in my group is married to a neurologist. He's apparently seen several patients suffering from severe, recalcitrant burning pain after undergoing several injections of Botox. Apparently you can get nerve inflammation from it. Now, I don't think all her other symptoms are likely to be related to the Botox, but I certainly would think twice before getting injections of this stuff. You may wind up with more trouble than you started with.



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