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    Monday, March 31, 2003
    More on Canadian Drugs

    Well, the FDA is dusting off its boxing gloves. They've sent a warning letter to Rx Depot, a storefront business that helps U.S. citizens purchase drugs from Canada, telling the company to cease and desist. Rx Depot has twelve stores in various states (Florida, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Colorado). They send prescriptions written by U.S. physicians to a pharmacy in Manitoba, which fills the prescriptions and ships them back. Rx Depot has indicated that they plan to stay open... this will probably culminate in legal action against the company by the FDA.

    In a separate but related development, the Canadian Competition (antitrust) Bureau announced that it would not take action against GlaxoSmithKline for stopping shipments to Canadian pharmacies that export to the U.S. This probably means that more pharmaceutical companies will follow GSK's lead.

    So the search for less expensive medications will be stymied, but (as I keep saying) this issue is not going away. Now that Americans have found a source for cheaper meds, to have it taken away from them will anger them enough to impel the government and pharmaceutical companies to do something about this issue.



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