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“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” - Sir William Osler

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    Sunday, February 23, 2003
    Here's a mighty scary story for those of you who live in Los Angeles. Hint: It involves anthrax. Thanks to Rabbit for this one.

    And in other news, Chuen-Yen tells us what it's like to drive a car in Africa:


    Driving on the wrong side of the road isn�t so difficult. It�s just tough to be a good driver, especially when navigating strange locales. At least inadvertent detours can lead to interesting places.

    My life as a wheeled Malawi expat began when our visiting ENT surgeon insisted I baby-sit his car. Initially, I was hesitant even to relocate it in our parking area. But, after much cajoling, I agreed to use the vehicle this weekend. In preparation, Jen, my old college buddy, and I went for a spin in Blantyre.

    Adjusting to the left hand pattern was perilous. I was inclined to face head on traffic. Attempts to signal resulted in changes of windshield wiper speed. I had a tendency to weave. Like most motorists, I nearly ran over several pedestrians. Amazingly, I really had only one near accident.

    After a few minutes of practice, the honking of annoyed tailgaters directed me to a picturesque Jacaranda lined road. The well-maintained path, devoid of other automobiles, was an excellent place to hone driving skills. We cruised past magnificent greenery, while fiddling with various controls, until we came upon an ostentatious gate flanked by two guarded kiosks. A watchman approached to assess our intentions and informed us that the route was reserved for those conducting official business with the president. He confirmed that we had discovered the illustrious Sanjika Road, gateway to President Muluzi�s Blantyre estate. Then he escorted us off the grounds.

    Two days later, on the return from Kuchawe, I nearly drove into the president�s Zomba estate. Apparently all of his holdings have the same grandiose entry.




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