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    Wednesday, October 09, 2002
    What the Hell?

    Can anybody tell me why UK police should be wasting their time on this?

    LONDON (Reuters) - A Welsh police team dubbed "the Frying Squad" has been formed to sniff out motorists who fuel their cars with cooking oil from fish and chip shops in a bid to avoid paying high government fuel taxes.

    "I have halved my motoring costs since I started running my Subaru on cooking oil," the paper quoted one of those stopped as saying.

    "The car runs just as well and even smells a lot better than diesel."

    The drivers were fined 500 pounds ($780) and warned that persistent offenders may face up to seven years in jail.

    The government should be giving these guys medals, not fining them. They're probably producing fewer pollutants and they're certainly reducing Britain's dependence on foreign oil. Shouldn't the British government be taking this as a warning that people are sick of paying the sky-high taxes over there? But no... "They're tax evaders! Punish them!!" Idiots.



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