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“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” - Sir William Osler

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    Monday, October 21, 2002
    Uhhh. So tired. I had a busy weekend (well at least Sunday was busy), so will recap.

    Got up, did AIDS Walk. This is my third year doing the walk and I do enjoy it, but I've been a little lazy with collecting pledges. Fortunately I still have a few weeks to collect my checks and send them in so I can get that T shirt that I covet. It's not about helping society, people, it's about the prizes.

    Get home, shower, change, go to nursing home to see my new 96 year old guy that I picked up when I was on unassigned call recently (unassigned call is like Russian Roulette but less fun). He's not eating, so I had the "shall we give him a feeding tube?" talk with the guy's son. They're both really nice, and I enjoy taking care of this patient - he is a very cute little old guy with beautiful manners. Nevertheless it's never fun giving relatives this sort of news, and I'm not crazy about sticking a tube in his nose anyway because it automatically means he'll have to have his hands tied down. (Stick a tube in a confused person's nose and what's the first thing they'll do? Pull it out.)

    Then... off to Encino, where my friend Jim was giving an organ recital - he did a great job - then dinner at Jim's. He has just acquired a pair of Jack Russell terriers, which are very sweet, and a good time was had by all playing with the dogs. Lots of church and musician gossip ensued, as three of the five dinner attendees are church musicians. The best kinds of gossip, in my opinion, are church gossip and hospital gossip, especially church gossip where you get to dissect bad sermons!

    So that was my Sunday. Sorry for the brief shallow post, will try to do better next time. I do have lots to tell you, just haven't had time to post.



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