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    Wednesday, June 04, 2008
    Garbage Plates

    Naturally, it took a post on food to drag me out of my self-imposed hiatus. To be exact, the topic in question is leftovers, courtesy of Mark Bittman's blog. Some of Bittman's dissertations on food are too high-end for me; when it comes right down to it I am a very basic cook looking to get the job done fast with cheap ingredients. I keep reading his blog because once in a while he or his fellow contributors post a fun, creative and low-tech topic. Then the commenters mix into it and the fun really starts (you've got to read the comments on this one, for sure). And it's of universal interest: who doesn't have to deal with leftovers once in a while? Some of the more popular ideas shared were soup, frittatas, hash and a couple of really creative barbecue sauces.

    The article also references a real garbage plate, if you will, apparently a specialty of certain restaurants in Rochester, New York. If you want to find out what a garbage plate is, go here. As several commenters noted, they taste best when you've been out drinking and the bars have closed.




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