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“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” - Sir William Osler

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    Wednesday, January 26, 2005
    Multiple Hats

    It occurred to me that the events of today might make a good story to convince you that I really do do other things besides primary care medicine. My other roles are listed in italics.

    Woke up 5 am, got ready to walk with my neighbor. (Neighborhood Walker and Nosey Parker - we call ourselves the Snoop Sisters.) We canceled at the last minute (that would be 5:45) due to rain, but she told me to come over around seven so that I could practice giving her cat an insulin shot -- it's diabetic -- while she's out of town. (Local Cat Nurse.)

    Stepped out of house at seven to see said neighbor standing in road over body of dead cat (not hers - it's a neighborhood cat) gesturing the trash collection truck to drive around it. My comment: "You looked like a peace protestor!" I looked up the number for Animal Control and phoned them to collect the poor cat. (Public Health Official.)

    Finally got to work and reviewed Urgent Care charts from the night before (Clinic Manager) and then greeted the resident who's been working with me for the last two weeks seeing patients (Medical Educator). I'll tell you more about working with residents some other time.

    Saw patients all morning. Bolted out of the office to drive to Tertiary Medical Care Center to attend a lecture on Medical Imaging, a.k.a. Radiology (I am the licensed Medical Radiologic Supervisor in our office). I have to attend these lectures once a month to get the required number of medical credits to keep said license.

    Finished work. Over the course of the afternoon I coped with multiple emails regarding an administrative problem at our church's parish school (Vice President, School Board) about which the less said, the better. (For privacy reasons.) Played a few rounds of FreeCell to relax (Card Shark) and went home. Stopped off at neighbor's house, fed cat and shot it up - see above. In passing, it's remarkably easy to give a cat a shot. Gather up the loose skin at the back of the neck and jab the needle in - the cat won't even feel it.

    Wrote this. (Blogger.)

    The End.



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