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    Thursday, July 08, 2004
    He's Not Paranoid, They Are Out to Get Him

    Just found an interesting new Industry blog (what do you mean, 'which industry'?) via L.A. Observed called A Fly on the Wall. Said blogger is anonymous, at least for now.

    Lead article today: Michael Eisner's office has been bugged. The listening devices were apparently found during a sweep of his office over the long holiday weekend. The post goes on to state that

    Eisner routinely pays for a security sweep by electronics experts every few months out of his own pocket. This is the first time evesdropping bugs are believed to have been found.

    After some apparent internal disagreement, Disney officials decided not to alert the Burbank Police Department about the security breach. Disney is notoriously closed-mouthed with Burbank city officials about studio operations, and Burbank police are not allowed on the walled and gated studio lot unescorted.

    As to who may have planted the bugs, the list of Eisner's enemies is slightly longer than the Manhattan telephone directory. Some of his current high-profile battles include an ongoing showdown with Miramax's Harvey Weinstein and also a bitter feud with a Roy Disney faction for control of the company.

    I don't know where the guy gets his info, but if accurate, it sure is interesting. If you scroll down you'll find another interesting article about celebrities registered to vote in more than one location. "Vote early, vote often"? Hmmm...



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