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    Friday, September 26, 2014
    Hands Off My Kettle!

    The food writers of the Guardian have done it again. One of their recent "Word of Mouth" blog posts deals with fixing lunch in the office. Not bringing your lunch, but cooking it in the office. The writer gives the example of using the office kettle to boil eggs in. Need I mention the primary use of said kettle is to boil water for tea? I can only imagine the sulfury, eggy taste of the first cup of tea made out of that kettle after lunch. And I'd get tired of boiled eggs for lunch awfully fast.

    As always, the comments are gold - better than the article really. I append a few.
    As I worked in a foundry, I fear my eggs would have been very hard indeed.
    According to my mother (a fount of misleading information) boiling eggs in the kettle gives you warts.
    I've been crisping bacon in the laminator and making my own pesto in the shredder for years. It makes the office smell wonderful.
    Rather than turning my pasta into tagliatelli in the shredder, we could use my pasta and your bolognese sauce to make ravioli in the laminator. Is there no end to the glory of the office lunch?
    I've converted our office water-cooler into a fermentation vat and am currently conditioning a young but surprisingly fruity Rioja.
    My jerky is nearly ready, I've had little strips of beef hanging in front of the aircon for two weeks now.

    Several comments from vegans, folks with egg allergies and those fearful of salmonella livened up the debate. I also would not be doing my blogging duty if I did not point out that the comments include a very clever ode to the George Foreman Grill. You're welcome.




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