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    Sunday, February 22, 2009
    Brief Early Oscar Review

    I did not think I would be big into watching the Academy Awards this year, but here goes. Heath Ledger won the Supporting Actor award this year for playing the Joker... dull surprise. And I relieved my feelings at Bill Maher by flipping him the bird the entire time he was onscreen. (F*** you, Bill Maher. I hate you. No specific reason, I just hate you. No hard feelings, 'kay?) But he was not nominated, which made me feel better.

    Updates as they happen.

    UPDATE: YES!! The sound team for "Slumdog Millionaire" won. They look so excited. I really think this movie is the underdog film that everyone is rooting for.

    ...and SM just won for film editing. Go, go, go, guys.

    AND AGAIN: Ah, gee whiz. So nice that Eddie Murphy is giving Jerry Lewis his props. The man has raised untold amounts of money for muscular dystrophy.

    ONE MORE: Best Original Song: After watching the talented cast of SM dance and dart across the stage, who could doubt that they would win? And they did not fail... SM did win.

    AGAIN: The Obligatory Salute to Those Who Have Gone Before Us is moving, due to the inclusion of Charlton Heston, Cyd Charisse and Paul Newman.

    AND ANOTHER: Wow, Danny Boyle as Best Director for SM. I think I spot a trend.

    HEY: Kate Winslet cops the little gold statue! Good for her!

    UPDATE: Dang, Anthony Hopkins is near 'bout as bald as Ben Kingsley. And we have the obligatory quip about Sean Penn and the paparazzi.

    ... and of the Brat Pack nominees, Sean Penn cops it. (Why was Mickey Rourke wearing sunglasses indoors at night??) Gee, thanks for the preachy acceptance speech, Sean.

    UPDATE: Best Picture montage was v.v.g.

    UPDATE: Slumdog Millionaire gets it!! Well done!

    FINAL UPDATE: Wait, wait. Where was my federally mandated George Clooney sighting in all of this? Did I miss him? Either I did or I was robbed. Robbed, I tell you!




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